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The Saffron Concept

A twin artist duo based out of Banglore. Animator by day and artist by night ,they specialise in game concepts and futuristic designs for the world's imagination. Two heads are better than one.



Radha is a wildlife artist and communication designer, who draws endless inspiration from the natural world, finding new ways to make conversations around conservation more accessible and engaging.



A product designer by profession, Hamza is passionate about creating digital illustrations and charcoal artwork, incorporating strong emotions and a destructive essence in the form of smoke and liquefaction, exuding energy.



An ex corporate, who gave up a cushy job to go all in and establish herself as an artist. Today she is working with the best of the people in the automobile industry and needless to say, she is enjoying her space.



An artist who gets lost in the world of abstract lines and forms she creates instinctively in a state of flow. An artistic embodiment of the phrase 'Go with the flow'.



Sri is a mechanical engineer turned graphic designer/ digital artist. He's into science, history, technology and pop culture, combining modern-day aesthetics with his interests in his work.



Mr. U is an artist with an obsession. This series is a juxtaposition of subject matter that he tends to obsessively draw over very famous images of very famous artists that seem to catch his eye.



A tattoo artist with a flair for digital designs, Inkpatch draws inspiration from women, curating three of our designs. With a recurring theme for his designs, you’ll find his work across different products.



A skateboarder exploring new possibilities with medium of art.Ijin Johnson is a designer from Kerala finding his flow by creating artwork which can help one awaken their energies and make conscious decisions.



The journey through the depts of the afterworld is a journey into one's doings in world of the living…both never opposite but always opposing.



Khushi Mistry cannot be defined in one word. She’s free spirited, a wild flower blooming in darkness, and someone who draws her inspirations from the living and dead. She does her absolute best by giving back to nature and is a practitioner of life and art!